Mickey Thompson’s 1963 ZO6 Corvette

Mickey Thompson’s Personal Corvette ZO6 – One of the most famous 1963 ZO6 Corvette Tankers to ever leave the St. Louis plant.  Otherwise know as a De Facto COPO!

This Corvette was personally owned and driven (with undeniable proof) by the world’s fastest man – MICKEY THOMPSON.

Z06 Tankers are rare indeed with only 63 ever created, but none were street driven by a more famous celebrity!  This white Tanker now makes 5 that Mickey Thompson owned.

Acquiring a 1963 36 Gallon Big Tank was indeed limited to only a handful of factory and or private racers. Well at least the first 15.  But can you imagine being the lucky devil, or was he, known as Mickey Thompson!!!  More than lucky, Mickey was connected. So well connected that he actually somehow got 4 of the first 15 that left the factory in 1962.  2 of which he personally converted to the first 427 Mystery Motor Racers.  Think of how connected this guy was with the likes of Bunkie Knudsen to pull off such a feat. Remember Bunkie and Mickey were best of Buds during Bunkie’s reign with Pontiac.

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